The Shape of Memories

Brisk summer nights illuminated by stars and city lights,
Glittering like fireflies;
Once more I remember our first spell of vertigo,
As we stood under the inky sky on my patio.
I remember how gentle the first kiss was,
How I melted within this sea that were you,
Swirling like a sugar cube in your cup of favourite coffee.

The monkey bars in the playground where
We first met as nervous 12-year-olds,
The time when our only fear was
Having to deal with our parents’ questions
Late in the evening.

The song that you played
As an alarm to get you up
On your worst days,
It doesn’t let me sleep anymore,
As I let it play on repeat all night
To drown the sweet nothings
You used to whisper into my ears,
To drive away
Your odour from the creased sheets.

The clear water on asphalt,
The roaring sky during storms,
Falling back to the subtle blues
All of it reminds me
Of you.

They’re robbing me of air
From my lungs,
Your memories.
Strangulated by the sight of broken bottles
And scattered pills,
That you served me
With smoke in your eyes,
And death on your back.

I’m only an angel
Caught amidst the power lines.


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