I’ll repeat this as many times as I think you’ll need it.

Boys are breakable. Even though they are brought up into believing that any relationship is only proprietary, that any relationship works only with dominance and control, they are as breakable as any of us. Boys going home after a dance night, alone. Alone, because their date found someone who could sweep them off of their feet better than they could. But they dare not show a tear, because father said that it would make them mere and meek. Less masculine. Continue reading


Reminders to help you get through today

1. I don’t need you but life is great with you around. So please stay.

2. Someone will love you and appreciate you the way you’ve always wanted to be. You are significant.

3. Why would you want to be with someone that doesn’t want you? Why would you do that to yourself?

4. You are packed with stardust. Don’t lose it by drawing on your skin with blades and knives.

5. Your life is more than a broken fairytale. It is more than being painfully poetic.

6. The storms that are staining your cheeks won’t last forever.

7. Just because you have to hide them from the world, doesn’t mean that you have to hide them from me. Show me the fireflies that are trapped in your jar. Let me see how brilliantly they glow for you. For you.

8. Tomorrow may not be a good day. It may not be a good week, or even a month. But I believe in you. You are as strong as a dying star; the star that metamorphoses into a black hole.

9. It hurts, I know. You’re hanging on by a thread, I know. But please hang in there.

10. Please?