The Colour Series – Purple

It is the caress of midnight, enveloping me in utter warm darkness. Its aura drawing me in with peace and mystery. The color of majesty combined with utter decadence and sensuality.

It is a soft, yet immensely strong melody. A melody that takes you to another place, but does not have to be loud to do so. Like a low, sustained note on a church organ.

It is the silk that drops from thunder clouds, the vapor mixed with electric sparks coursing through the seas.



12 thoughts on “The Colour Series – Purple

  1. You show good potential as a Artist, Poet. I only say show due to ignorance, not a critical criticism. Your word choice is artful. Impressed. I wish you success if that is what your heart pursues. Some only care for the Art itself. For personal reasons. Yet, of course, secretly we aspire. First time here, will return.

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