One Morning

Yes, you spent weeks rearranging your heart, making room for him to stay. Yes, his volatile love dissipated into thin air, as quickly as it had encroached his fickle mind. Now, you don’t know what to do with the empty space he left behind him. This is the thing about endings. You never know when they’re going to blind your entire existence with the drunken memories of a person long gone.

But, let me tell you. As you sit at 3 a.m., with an unbearable feeling of nostalgia and shudder with distaste at his fingerprints smeared on your naked body, let me tell you one thing. You are going to wake up tomorrow morning. It is going to get harder each day with the beautiful moments and the alcoholic drinks you fill yourself with, but you’re going to do it. You are a terrible mess, made of blood, veins and a broken heart, but you are whole.

One morning you will wake up, and find someone who will not take that away from you. He, who will paint your canvas with bright and vibrant colours over the dark and bitter that you have come to be. He will make cherish rainstorms, wrapping your locks around his finger and telling you that you are gold.

Someone who will not mind the quiet. Who does not feel pressure to fill in the silences. He, who will love you when you are taking the dance floor down with, only a hint of tequila in your breath. Someone, who will pull back your hair as you throw up on his shoes. He, who will love you. Even with vomit on your chin.

You will wake up one morning to someone who traces your freckles with his fingertips. He will be the feeling of late afternoons in summer with spiced vanilla latte and the sound of familiar radio stations. Someone who will be graffiti and sunrises and the smell of old dusty leather-bound books.

Darling, one morning that person will walk into your life. He will believe that all the rusty and broken parts of you could be shiny again. Someone, who will compel you to fall in love with the sound of your heartbeat.



20 thoughts on “One Morning

  1. I am in love with this piece! I particularly love the lines: “shudder with distaste at his fingerprints smeared on your naked body,” and “Someone who will be graffiti and sunrises and the smell of old dusty leather-bound books.” Such beautiful imagery and word play. Amazing work.

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