Nocturnal Crime

My mind yearns to decipher. It aches to know. To uproot veins and ripples at the sound of our beating entanglement. I think our love is geometric and will remain as such. You and I are parallel; no matter how close we get we’ll never intersect. And as you took another drag, and breathed out rhythms like the smoke, I felt my heart turning as black as your lungs.
I knew I fell in love with an explosion. It burned the heavens and ignited the night. It swallowed my heart and left marks on my chest. It happened in a flash; then fizzled out. I kissed each spark, simply because I loved the one who was burning.

You made me want something a little more potent than caffeine, a little less than cocaine. And I haven’t been able to find something like you, because goddamn, you’re one dazzling firework. A firework that has no match. The one that lights up the night sky. The one that makes the moon look a little less magical. The darkness look a little more welcoming.

You’re dark, eerie, summoning the night. You’re a turbulent storm, a relentless wind. Beckoning the world, taunting us to jump. Wanting us to commit a nocturnal crime.



17 thoughts on “Nocturnal Crime

  1. Love that can never be. Those are the bloody ones that haunt the dreams. I really enjoyed reading this piece, it brought to life feelings I know all to well. Thank you for sharing
    it with us.


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