Queen of Hearts

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental.

She had a man-melting saunter that turned heads. Her eyes were a sapphire blue that effortlessly mesmerised, with long skinny lashes in the colour midnight that she flicked almost constantly. Her skin was lighter than ivory with a metallic rose tint to her cheeks. Her faultless champagne blonde hair fell over her shoulders in skinny, slack curls. Her lips were like a frozen rose – beautiful, but deadly.

Right from when she could say ‘Ma’ the fact that she was flawlessly beautiful was reiterated. So much, that she became conscious of it. She took all desperate measures to hide her appearance that attracted glances – both of awe, and that of lust. She was the object of many a men’s luxuria. But her Dad kept the vain hearts away. Always.

Until, the cancer in his lungs took control over his body and he began deteriorating at a pace that not even wind could match. He left her. He could no longer protect her from the self- indulgent gazes of people.

At the tender age of 15 she gave herself to earning for her family. Sacrificed herself for the sustenance of her family.

This is how she left the haven of her home and paved her way to the glitz of the ramp.
Something that she despised – making herself a public show, was now a means of survival. And as she walked down the platform – with her arms, swinging loosely by her sides, and her hips swivelling, she still attracted gaping mouths.

But even then, whenever she saw a father clutching his daughter’s hand, she reminisces her childhood that was brutally cut short.

Hidden behind the Queen of Hearts lay the spirit of an innocent child clawing for her childhood.



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