Salty Love – Summer Days And Westcoast Dreams (part 1)

She usually went to the beach to find sea shells. Little did she know that that day would bring a new dawn. A new hope. New love, maybe.

The fiery ball of yellow light was setting, lending the sky a shade of roseate. With the sun, was setting her will to go on with life. Her footprints on the wet sand were erased by the waves. So was her memory from his mind. And yet as her unkempt hair wafted with the wind, she waited for someone to drift into her life again; shatter her again. Piece by piece. With an agonizing charm that transcended that of his harbinger.

Her thoughts were weighing down on her, such that she overlooked the presence of another lonely soul by the waters. Another, trying to find a silver lining, a comfort with the company of the thunderstorm that was waging in his mind.

She was drawn to him by an allure that he inadvertently emanated. Barefoot, she walked up to him. Stood by him. He did not flinch a bit. Maybe his subtle acknowledgement of her presence put her to an ease that very few people had.

Silently, they stood as the waves washed their feet; as well as their minds from the horrors of their past. It left their feet, clean. It gave them clarity. A sense of belief that a part of their life had crumbled, only to pave the way for something even better.

And that was when they looked at each other. Knowing that they belonged on some level. They were comfortable in their silence, content in their shy glances.

He let out a deep sigh and a smile. She smiled back. Together, they showed their back to the setting sun and walked towards a new future.

She had come to collect sea shells. But what she found was love. Mingled with ocean salt.

To be continued…



6 thoughts on “Salty Love – Summer Days And Westcoast Dreams (part 1)

    • Hi Sonja, this is neither a short story, nor a poem, not even a novel. What I’m attempting to do is just chronicle the different feelings that two lovers experience as their relationship matures. You shall see what I’m talking about in my next post:) Keep reading:)

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