Dear Onlookers

Dear People who pretend to notice me (but don’t),

This is from a girl who looked on from the sidelines. A girl who waited. Who watched as her body was shamed. So were her thoughts. All because she dared to look at the world from a different perspective?

You sure acknowledged her presence. But in downcast gazes. Too embarrassed of your association with a gem of a person, eh? Or how she appears is the only definition you’ve learnt of her? Grow up. Literally. Grow to her standards. Grow to appreciate her presence. Because her need for attention may not be a deafening scream; but once she’s gone, there’s no turning back. And that’s when you are going to miss the shit out of her.

Dear onlookers, she knows her worth. She knows that she is nothing less than the most spectacular sparkle of joy. And she’s going to walk away from anyone who compares her to something below her worth.

She has vowed her sanity to herself. And she won’t lose it just because it is a jolt of shock in your pretentious world. Nay. She’s beautiful. Period. She speaks her mind and writes her thoughts. She sings even though she sounds like broken bass. She doesn’t fear her choices and does not live in regret. She will not listen to narcissistic commentators. She cynics on the sidelines hold no fort.

She is painfully sarcastic and if you don’t have a detector for satire, you taking offense will mean the least to her.

All of you were never meant to be taken seriously anyway, but just so you know she’s strong. She’s confident in her own skin. A little more sarcastic, a little less naïve. Closer to the person that she wants to be. And she wouldn’t have gotten to this point if it weren’t for your constant rejection, yes.

So dear onlookers, she hopes that you win the world. But you should also know that she’d be the one already ruling it.

The Overlooked One.



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