10 Things I Will Teach My Children

So don’t worry Mom and Dad, you aren’t going to become grandparents anytime soon, but you eventually will. And this is what my children should know when that ‘eventually’ finds it’s way into our lives.

1) Self – Love is the first form of romance. Do not hope to be the ‘love of life’ for somebody if you’re a constantly whining and self deprecating wimp.

2) Be yourself. But do not use that clichéd half-assed phrase to find your way out of a sticky situation.

3) You will fall. Both, literally and figuratively. Don’t expect to be fussed over then. Get back up.

4) The world is full of cynics. Don’t become one.

5) Wash your make – up at night. Seriously, do it. This will probably be the best piece of advice that you’d want.

6) Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. At the same time, don’t rain on theirs.

7) Do not speak when you have nothing worthwhile to say. Seriously, just shut up and save the world from another nagging idiot.

8) Sometimes, your thighs touch and you won’t have that flat tummy, but you’re still going to be loved. So, eat that piece of cake before I do.

9) Relish in your selfies. After all you’re going to need something to cherish later in your mundane life.

10) Inaction is worse than rejection. At least give a shot at telling that long – time crush of yours that you like him. Chances are that they’ll like you back. (Ofcourse they will. Duh. You’re my child.)

11) You were not born to just be somebody’s wife. Act like it.

12) Worrying causes wrinkles, Botox is expensive. Chill.

13) Read. READ. The best thing that you can do probably. Also, listening to the correct music.

14) You will have your heart broken, and it may hurt like hell. But do not make yourself available to just about any random person to fill that void in your life. The right one will stumble their way to you. (Most of the times, unexpectedly.)

15) Life is good. Live. And stay recklessly beautiful.



18 thoughts on “10 Things I Will Teach My Children

  1. I love this! I journal letters to my daughter to give her when she’s older and I’m so glad to know there’s another person that gives it straight instead of filling the space with a bunch of mushy useless sentiments.

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  2. There is some really great advice here. When I was much younger, my mother never gave me encouragement to find strength in myself, only in a husband. What I could have accomplished if I had just believed in me. Don’t worry, I am long past those days.
    I tell my children and grandchildren they only get one trip here on earth, to make every day count. Eventually, they go much faster. So I was especially fond of the statement to live recklessly beautiful. It is a wonderful rule to live by, as long as it’s not a deadly game (I have my limits) but certainly, I love watching them grow in the world, and seeing just how far they can go.

    the other one that hit home is telling your children to find the inner strength to allow their feelings to be known, even if they will face the pain of rejection. Such a tough lesson to learn. We all want to protect ourselves, but rejection is a feeling we each get plenty of experience at, so best to start young and see where it leads us -it may lead to happiness!
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I like this a lot. Many lessons I’ve taken from it and I’m not even your future child 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    I also appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. Much appreciated.

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  4. Correct music here refers to that which your heart responds to and which is not necessarily the current fad. Also it was my choice to have made it specifically for a girl, you may choose to take away whatever suits you. Thanks.


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