“I argue thee that love is life,
And life hath immortality.”

I walk along the sea shore with my heart in mint condition, the waves at my feet, and the sun’s rays kissing my face like a feather.

The waves crashing on the platinum shore, only to be torn away from it. Such is the hopeless romance that fills the voids in our mundane existence.

And yet, the waves crash again. Love again. Heartbroken.

Does one heartbreak, one failure have to shatter our being into pieces, never to be picked up again?

A glass falls, shattering into bits by the concussion. Yet, each shard continues to show the reflection of its beholder. Why can’t this be the case with us, homo sapiens? Why can’t we get up, each time after we are knocked down? After all, there was no treaty signed which promised us that our time on earth would be all mirth and merry.

Life is harsh. It is going to ruthlessly test your grit.

So hold on. Hold on to the string. Let the cynics tug at your insecurities. Shut them out, seek and claw towards your dreams. Because you,  my dear, are a creation divine, a piece of soul that survived. Dream of magnificence, for, one day you are going to be projected into the sky. Make sure that the firework is worth the watch.

Because you never know who might be looking at you; at your story, your nerve and steel as an inspiration. Continue to find your wings. Not with doubt, nay. Think of the one living soul to whom you’re giving hope that life is going to be okay; the one human that is holding onto you for survival.

Inspire him. Because through him, you will be immortal.




8 thoughts on “Deathless

  1. I am writing a novel on this very journey of discovery and the uncovering and unbinding of the soul through love.
    You have a beautiful capacity for words! Would love to feature you as a guest poster on my blog should you want to.

    Liked by 1 person

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