Half Light

It drove her insane;
The desire to learn the working of her fragile heart,
Buried her sanity beneath wine-filled nights and withered rose petals.

It drove her insane;
The constant fear of crumbling
Into something average
Broken and unhinged.

She was a destroyed castle.
And after the fatal and morbid cracking,
Came the blowing dust
Amidst which she forgot to breathe.

She was a poem
With rattling bones and
A beating heart.
But she was written in blood.
She was a world that
No one was ready to explore yet.

Her head drops
Into the meadows of her palm,
And far too many thoughts
Meant to be spoken,
And spewed,
Have been parked at the edge of her tongue.

She carried darkness,
On her shoulders.
A restrained ghost was
Her volatile mind.
She was only visible in half light.



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