Grunge Princess


Yes, she’d been told that she wrote beautifully. She’d  been told that she had the power to take the world by a storm solely through her words. She’s been told she’s attractive. She’s been told that she is a mystery book; the end of which not even she knows. Her soul is embroidered with a strange enigma – enamoring people with it. She was called a grunge princess. One of her kind. She would be lying if she said that she’s not flattered. But beneath the covers of someone who is easily shrugged off as cryptic, lies an individual who is waiting for someone to cypher the acrostic that she is.

She is not always sunshines and rainbows. There are days when she’d roar like a thunder bespeaking an impending storm, and that’s okay. She is allowed to have those days, let her have them.

There are days when she’d wake up in the morning feeling insignificant and fragile. She can’t see how beautiful she is. Remind her. Always. Because, goddamn, she’s one dazzling spirit.

Overthinking is her middle name. Trust me when I say that each night is spent replaying the things you said. Trying to decipher their hidden meaning. Making different scenarios in her mind that do nothing but add another drop of tear to her tear vial. And believe me, she tried to stop herself from feeling like such, but she’s incurable.

She may look happy all the time, but don’t be so easily deceived. This is an act she learnt to put up since she was little. Remove her mask and you’ll see what state she really is in. She is made of nerve and steel. She lends her strength to others, while she is barely hanging on. She’s someone who’ll make you chuckle with joy amidst the thousand pieces of her broken heart. A girl who will remind you every single day how much she loves and cares for you, because that’s the way she is. She gives out so much love that sometimes people take her love for granted.

She’s is someone who will obscure her fresh wounds from the world under a layer of thick sarcasm. Someone who gets broken each time, but gets back up and recklessly loves again. Because it is her heart that governs her actions.

And yet, people call her foolish. Foolish she may be, but she has a heart of gold. She is a black diamond. Rare, but beautiful. Often overlooked.

P.S : In case you haven’t already guessed, that girl is me.



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