Into the Looking Glass

Put down the mirror. Honey, paint it funeral black. Or probably decorate it with beautiful tapestry. The thing is that you need it no more.

The fact is, you never did. You are a fuzzy warm being with a pure heart. Beautiful, so full of light. When you glimpse into the soulful depths of what lies beneath the superficial skin, you shall see things that you never managed to while staring into that shiny piece of worthless glass for eons. In your eyes you trap the beauty of the universe, yet they make people feel at home; yours are the kind of eyes that people fall for. Do not name the scars anymore. Let them remind you if the battle that you won against yourself.

You hold a fragile gem, more precious than all the treasures in the world; it can bend and break easily. So spare all the harsh looks. Hum to it the right words and allow it to heal itself. Love it like it’s being loved for the very first time. Do not be afraid of your thorns. Without them, you stand incomplete. So embrace your flaws and let them breathe.

The truth is that your body will eventually curdle like milk. But it is your soul that shall age like wine. So feed it till you can. You’re brave, maybe not the axe-wielding and the sword-brandishing type. The kind of brave that steps down the creaking stairs, defying all advice ever given by those horror movies. The kind of brave that smiles at others, knowing that she’s caving within. The kind of brave that dares to make her own bangs, regretting it the very next moment but wearing it with pride for the next six months. The kind that throws away the knife in one moment of startling clarity. You may not know it, but you are brave.

So my dear, take a moment to smash the looking glass; or put a nail to its coffin and plant something beautiful over it, because it never loved you.



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